"I've taken over 70 classes with Karia, and she is hands down one of my favorite teachers! I love how she incorporates difficult, advanced positions to constantly challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone. She takes the time to show you proper alignment, her music is always on point, and she keeps the class lively and fun. She is always changing the sequence in her classes, so you never know what to expect, and you definitely feel that you've gotten a solid workout afterwards. I definitely miss her at 7am Moxie, and 100% recommend her classes to all yogis!" - Brittany T., student

"I give all my thanks and gratitude to Karia for helping me discover a love for yoga. I will never forget my first two vinyasa flow classes with her. As a beginner at the time, I remember feeling a combination of both curiosity for where this newfound life change would lead to, and yet constant confidence from Karia's patience and support as a mentor in the practice. Karia has a rare and natural gift of guiding her students to find a sense of true peace in her sessions." - Nina A., student

"Karia is like a shining star. Her energy is contagious and her bright personality and thoughtful flows leave you feeling yummy and sunny all day. She’s a great teacher and a wonderful spirit." - Megan H., student

"Karia is a wonderful yoga teacher. I had done a few yoga classes here and there, but never really felt like it was the workout for me. Taking one class with Karia was the catalyst of my practice. She's inspired me to stick with it and now I attend three classes per week. She's really helped to make my body and mind stronger. Karia's classes are fluid, fun and challenging. She brings a lot of personality to the table, which makes students feel comfortable. She also plays great music! I would 100% recommend trying one of her classes and/or her a candlelit yoga workshop!"

- Caitlin B., student

I've had an established vinyasa practice for several years but still really appreciate knowing what modifications are available to me throughout class. Karia does a really great job of showing different levels and posture options. Love that she keeps it interesting and LOVE her music selection. - Katheryn P. , student

Karia makes yoga fun -- she doesn't take herself too seriously and gives lots of options to modify poses. Plus, those childs pose assists are simply the best. I feel I'm a 'forever beginner' with yoga but I love going to her classes because I know I'll work hard, learn something new, listen to great music, and try something new each class. Every class is slightly different, even if we're working on the same 'peak pose' so she always keeps us on our toes, unlike other classes I've been to where it seems to be the same sequence 12 months out of the year. You can usually find her teaching power yoga but once a month she teaches a candle lit yoga flow class that I really enjoy. I feel so relaxed after! - Danny, student